2020 Helltown Throwdown Satellite Weigh-in Contract


Rules of the Weigh-in

There will be no wrestlers allowed to cut a weight class at any satellite weigh in. The wrestler weighing in must wrestle the last weight (or higher) they wrestled at the last official on site weigh in. If they desire to drop a weight class they must weigh in on site at the Helltown Throwdown Friday 4pm-8pm the 10th of January.



All wrestlers that have had their weights falsely entered will be removed from the tournament.

The weigh-master and assistant weigh-masters will be banned from participating for remainder of the 2020 season.


1. All coaches/officials involved in weigh-in must have read this entire contract..


2. At least two wrestling coaches or Officials must be present at the weigh-in.


3. This form must be submitted BY Wednesday, January 8th!


4. Weigh-in must be open to all wrestlers in the area and not just wrestlers from the club(s) conducting the weigh-in.


5. Weigh-in must be open from 6:00-8:00pm MST. Weigh in can be conducted on Thursday Jan 9th or onsite from 4:00-8:00 pm Friday Jan 10th.


6. Scale must be certified by the weights and measures department of the state in which the weigh-in is being conducted. Certification must be no more than one year old. High school scales are certified annually in most states.


7. *Weigh-in location is required to have internet access and a computer connected to the internet must be present to enter weights when the wrestler steps on the scale. In addition to the computer, hand written weigh-in sheets must be used to record weights. The weigh-in sheet needs to be scanned and emailed to: helenawrestlingclub@gmail.com immediately following the weigh-ins.


8. No drastic weight cutting measures are allowed in the weigh-in area.


9. Weigh-in must be open for the time listed on the application. Please don’t close down weigh-ins early or open before the posted time. Weigh-in period needs to be the same time posted on the event website unless a different time has been approved and advertised.


10. Only PREREGISTERED athletes will be able to take advantage of satellite weigh-ins. Athletes still needing to register for the event will need to be at the event venue on Friday, January 10th for registration and weigh-ins.



*It is acceptable to enter actual weights after weigh-ins have been completed if internet is not available in actual weigh-in location. For example, if weigh-ins are conducted at a high school and internet is not available in the locker room but it is available in the main gym, it is acceptable to conduct weigh-ins in locker room and enter weights in the gym after weigh-ins have been completed.

Weigh-in Procedures

1. A Track Wrestling Worker username and password will be assigned and emailed to the emails listed on the contract.


2. Go to: www.trackwrestling.com


3. In Quick Search box, enter Helltown Throwdown in the event name.


4. Highlight the event.


5. Choose “Tournament Worker” as the User Type.


6. Enter the Username and Password that was assigned and click “Enter Tournament”


Entering weights


1. Click on “Registration” in the left menu bar.


2. Click “Weigh-ins”


3. Type the first or last name of the person ready to step on the scale and click “Go.”


4. A list of wrestlers with the name will appear. Click on the wrestler you are weighing.


5. In the box titled “Actual Weight” enter number that appears on the scale.


6. Click “Save Participant”. Please click “Save Participant” each time. Don’t simply hit the enter key on your keyboard. Depending on the computer this does not always work.


7. Repeat this process for each wrestler.


4. Use a black marker to write the weight of the wrestler on the top of his/her arm. Write the actual weight on the arm (no decimals necessary).


5. The wrestler has one opportunity to weigh-in. Once they step on the scale, the wrestler can immediately step off and back on, but the wrestler cannot leave the weigh-in area after they have entered the weigh-in area. A check scale can be available; however, satellite weigh-in participants waive the right to challenge on other scales not present at their weigh-in location.


6. Athletes must weigh-in wearing a competition approved singlet or two-piece uniform (wearing only the bottoms of a two-piece uniform will not be allowed). No weight allowance will be given for the uniform. Guidelines for the two-piece uniforms are as follows: wrestlers can wear compression or board shorts and a tight-fitting sleeveless, short, or long sleeve shirt. The shorts shall not be excessively baggy or have pockets, buttons, or snaps.


7. Coaches/officials conducting the satellite weigh-in are responsible for checking the skin and nails of those competitors at their location. Any skin issues should be reported to tournament Director prior to arriving at the tournament. Any athlete with a questionable skin issue must be checked by the official trainer on the morning of competition.


8. In addition to the computer, a hand written or electronic weigh-in sheet must be used to record weights. The weigh-in sheet needs to be scanned and emailed to helenawrestlingclub@gmail.com immediately following the weigh-ins.


9. If you have trouble during your weigh-in, contact Ashley Snelman at 406-459-4546.